Bianchi Sprint 105 - 55cm

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Size 55cm (Medium)

The Bianchi Sprint is an ultra-lightweight, Sleek, pacey road bike that flies up hills and descends with incredible control. A full carbon, highly refined frame and quality components present a radiant race machine for 2021.

A reactive and responsive geometry offers fantastic efficiency and comfort in droves even on the longest days in the saddle. Counter-vail carbon technology gives great stiffness and accurate handling whilst an integrated head tube ensures a sleek cockpit and aerodynamic front-end.

The 2021 Sprint is offered in 4 different spec option that are supplied with top of the range Shimano and SRAM hydraulic disc brakes (or rim brakes if that is your preference) and drivetrain spec. These components are backed up by a selection of aero and Bianchi own-brand parts to result in a brilliant overall package no matter which spec option you opt for.

Finished with strong tires and durable wheel-sets, the Bianchi 2021 Sprint is the ultimate tamer of the TT, guaranteed to keep you going fast and riding with a smile all year round.