Hamax Amaze Childseat

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The Amaze bicycle child seat is secure and elegant decorated with happy colours. The seat has a recline function of 12,5°. All adjustments are designed for one-handed operation so you can use the other hand to stabilize the bike when securing your child.

12,5° ergonomic resting position

Simple, one-handed reclining dial can be adjusted without having to dismount your bike. Variable sleep positions up to 12,5 degrees allows your child to ride in comfort and maintain an ideal head position while at rest.

Shock absorption

Designed to provide optimal comfort for you and your co-passenger, the seat has a dual-bar steel suspension system to provide a seamless and smooth ride for your little one.

Helmet recess

Allows the child’s head to sit comfortably without being pushed forward.

Reflectors for increased visibility

Adhered to back of seat for visibility at night.

Wheel Guard Attachments

Offer protection for your little one’s toes from the spokes.