LOOK Keo Cleat with Gripper (Now Available in Stock)

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3 types (Grey 4.5 degree, Red 9 degree, Black no float)
The Look Keo Grip Cleats are safer as well as being compatible with the entire KeO range. The TPU pieces help to reduce the chances of slipping while walking.

The new Keo Grip cleats are non-slip and thus more reassuring when one gets off the bike. The material found at each end of the cleat helps to also provide a stronger interface between the cleat and the shoe sole. This is particularly appreciable when using carbon soles. The memory position is another asset of the Keo cleats as it allows for a quick cleat replacement into the exact same position that your original cleat was placed.

Look Cleats Compatible with all Road Shoes
Compatible with all the shoes on the market, the Keo standard was designed with the goal of minimising the weight and the bulk of the cleat/pedal unit. The operational kinematics are identical to the Delta standard. Engagement and disengagement are consistent, maintaining Look's famous stability and efficiency.

Suitable for:
Commuter: Yes
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Time Trial: Yes
Road: Yes