SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set

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The flexible sandwich design with which the superfine aluminium strips have been embedded in a plastic jacket make the BLUEMELS mudguards extremely robust, rigid and corrosion-protected. The mounting close to the tyres enables the BLUEMELS to provide the cyclist and the follower with excellent all-round protection.

Dirt and water do not have a chance against the BLUEMELS MATT mudguards. The classic SKS mudguard with a matt design visually enhances the bike. Not only the clean design, but also simple mounting and front and rear spoilers characterize the BLUEMELS MATT.
The mudguards are robust and rigid. Fenders feature a sandwich design with superfine aluminium strips embedded in plastic sheathing. The ASR safety release system releases stays should branches become trapped between the mudguard and the front wheel. Includes a struts kit, a stainless steel fixed bridge and mounting materials.

The Bluemels mudguard set comes in two colours (silver & black). Matt black and reflective versions are also available.