Specialized Power with Mimic

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For as long as there've been saddles, women have been having issues with them. But where some see unsolvable problems, we see practical solutions. We spent countless hours performing research and prototyping in order to give you the comfort that you've been rightfully longing for. With our patented design, Mimic technology helps create a saddle that perfectly adapts to your body to give you the support you need.

Power W/Mimic come in a range of models:

Power Comp - Hollow Cr-Mo rails. Weight: 220g (143mm, 155mm, 168mm)

Power Expert - Hollow titanium rails. Weight: 200g (143mm, 155mm, 168mm)

Power Pro - FACT carbon fibre shell, hollow titanium rails. Weight 219g (143mm, 155mm)

S-Works Power - FACT carbon fibre shell, FACT carbon rails. Weight: 170g (143mm, 155mm)