Topeak Deluxe Cycling Accessory Kit

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Perfect for riders who are new to road cycling. 

With the mini pump included in this Topeak Accessory Kit, the mini tool with 11 functions, the two tyre levers and the saddlebag, most defects can be repaired quickly.

Shuttle Lever 1.1:
Professional and world cup proven tyre lever made of high quality fibreglass composite. Stiff, robust and durable.

Thanks to its 11 functions, the X-Tool+ is ideal for most repairs. The perfect companion for every trip.

Mini Dual:
Powerful mini pump for all applications, which inflates every tyre in the twinkling of an eye with the innovative Dual Action technology.

Aero Wedge Pack:
Slim saddlebag in aerodynamic style. Double strap fastening with click fastener.