Demo Bikes


Choosing a new bike is tough. That's why we’ve equipped many of our store with Specialized latest Turbo Electric Bikes, allowing you to, quite literally, Test the Best.

We know what it's like buying a new bike. After asking friends, combing the Internet, and reading every review in existence, you still might not be sure how your potential new bike will ride. That's why we encourage you to Test the Best. We’ve got a varied demo fleet, so you can experience how our bikes ride and ask our expertly trained staff any questions you have.

Daily rate: £25.00 

Please get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01892 527069 or email to find out what bikes we have available, make a booking and experience the best!


Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Step-Through EQ (L)

Meet the Vado SL. This super-light e-bike was designed to take on anything from daily commutes through urban landscapes to clocking even faster workouts. Need to carry your bike? No sweat. Weighing 40% less than the full-power Vado, there’s no other electric bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like this. All you need to do is get on and go.

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 IGH (M)

Como is a laid back e-bike with a clean look and upright rider position for convenient comfort and style. This full-power electric bike was designed for city streets and comes equipped with fenders, lights, and a low step-through frame, making it perfect for daily commutes or riding around town.

Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH (L)

Consider Vado your high-performance transportation bike, getting you where you’re going with an unmatched combination of speed, reliability, and confidence. Whether you load it up with your stuff, or jump on and go, commute to work, or ride to the gym, Vado’s full power and huge range will get you from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ ASAP.

Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 Step-Through EQ (M)

The Turbo Tero means one thing: you're going to need a bigger map. With ride anywhere range, this adventure-ready suspension electric bike is our go-anywhere, over anything, with everything vehicle. Plus, with enough storage space to pack in a few backcountry comforts, you'll discover new adventures easier than ever. The only question left to ask is where to?

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

The all-new Levo delivers the unbelievable power to ride more trails through an unequaled combination of ride quality, usable power, and ride anywhere range. It’s the distillation, application, and amplification of a 40-year obsession with creating the world’s best riding mountain bikes. Since its introduction, Levo has set the bar every other e-MTB aims for, and the new Levo raises that bar again.

Terms & Conditions of Wildside Cycles Electric Bike Hire:
  • All bicycles are ridden at your own risk. Accepting the hire agreement is accepting full liability for any accident or injury to either the rider or any third party. The hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people or property. Personal insurance cover is not included. We recommend you take out personal insurance cover prior to the hire period.
  • The hirer must inspect the bicycle before accepting it for any damage or defects. Acceptance of the bicycle is acceptance that it is in good roadworthy condition. Any marks, damage or defects should be notified on the hire agreement form prior to signing. The hirer is responsible for returning the bicycle(s) in no worse condition than at the commencement of the hire period.
  • In the event of an accident the hirer is fully liable for all costs to repair.
  • The full hire fee must be paid upon booking.
  • Bicycles and equipment hired on a rental agreement remains the property of Wildside Cycles and if the equipment is not returned, or damaged beyond repair we reserve the right to charge the hirers for the full cost of the equipment and any loss incurred within a 1 week period.
  • The hire fee includes helmet. Any loss or damage of accessories will incur and additional charge.
  • Please cycle sensibly, with respect for others and the natural habitat. Cyclists are expected to follow the Highway Code in particular the “Rules for cyclists” (59 to 82)
  • Anyone cycling in a discourteous or unsafe manner will have the equipment repossessed with no refund of hire charges.
  • All bikes must be returned to Wildside Cycles by 5.30pm on the day prior to departure, unless otherwise arranged. The hirer is responsible for the safe return of the bicycle to the shop at the end of the hire period. Failure to return the bicycle may result in additional hire charges being levied.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times and bikes must be locked whenever unattended. Hirers must be over 18 years old with valid ID. Cycle helmets are provided free of charge and all cyclists must to use them.
  • Cycles should be locked to a permanent fixture whenever left unattended. The method of securing should include the front wheel and the frame. Theft of an unlocked bicycle will be the responsibility of the hirer and will be subject to a charge to cover the replacement of the bicycle and its accessories.
  • Wildside Cycles reserves the right not to hire equipment to an individual for whatever reason.
  • We reserve the right to charge for repairs and if necessary replacements.
  • The hirer will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond their level/ skill or outside the bikes capability.
  • The hirer must be in good health and their eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. They must not be suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect our normal control of the bicycle
  • In the event of a mechanical failure, other than punctures, where the hirer is unable to return the bike to the shop please secure the bike and contact Wildside on 01892 527069 who will endeavour to recover the bicycle(s). The Customer is Liable for a Collection charge of £3.50 per mile.
  • In the event of damage or mechanical failure please contact Seamus or Jonny as soon as practicable who will endeavour to rectify the matter. Should the matter not be resolved and a replacement bike not available you may elect to return all bikes and receive a refund minus £25.00 per bike for the remaining days of the hire period.