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From Ludicrous AF to LOPS, Muc-Off are shifting the needle and breaking new ground in ultra-performance cycling – one product at a time. In a world where races are won and lost by milliseconds, marginal gains matter, Muc-Off are combining innovation, experience, and rigorous testing, to produce products that deliver speed, efficiency and ultimately, victory – Introducing, Ultrasonic Tanks.

Muc-Offs latest innovation brings pro-peloton power to your bike. Their Ultrasonic Tanks are designed to clean and lube your chain, using the same technology and process as they do for the best racers and teams on the planet, producing unbeatable performance gains.


WILDSIDE CYCLES are now one of a select few retailers bringing Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology to your local bike shop.

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Muc-Off have been optimising chains for the pro-peloton for nearly a decade, supporting teams to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Whether it’s the world’s fastest race lube Ludicrous AF, LOPS their Lightweight Oversized Pulley Wheel developed for Mikel Landa at the Tour de France, or their new Ultrasonic Tanks – every rider deserves to experience pro-level drivetrain optimisation.

It’s a common misconception that a new chain is going to be faster than a used one. This is rarely the case, especially if that used chain has been optimised.




 Muc-Offs history of innovation has seen them develop cutting-edge products with some of the biggest names in the game – INEOS Grenadiers (formerly Team Sky), Team GB at the Olympics and Sir Bradly Wiggins for his hour record to name a few! With over seven figures invested into R&D, backed by the world’s leading scientists and state-of-the-art equipment, they not showing signs of slowing down any time soon!

Here are the three badass products used for the ultrasonic optimisation process, that’ll have your chain running at warp speed. 

*Please note that ultrasonic optimisation will require complete drivetriain removal and clean with full degrease which will incur a preparation fee of £20.00 (e.g. ultrasonic chain clean £35.00).



(Ultrasonic Clean £15.00)


The best grime killer in the business! The High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is a professional-strength cleaner that gives chains a deeper clean than ever before. It quickly breaks down the stickiest oils, grease and grime, giving your chain a complete refresh. It’s the first step in improving chain efficiency, by leaving a spotless, friction-free surface for your new Muc-Off lube to work its magic on – so your drivetrain works more efficiently, for longer!



(£25.00 Ultrasonic Clean/Lube)


Hydrodynamic lube strikes the perfect balance between speed and durability, so you can go full gas for longer. Hand blended in the UK, Muc-Off used a synergistic blend of esters combined with aerospace-quality oil lubrication and ground-breaking extreme pressure additives, to create a high-strength, film-forming lubricant, that prevents metal-to-metal wear at peak performance, no matter how hard you’re pushing!


(£50.00 Ultrasonic Clean/Lube)


Tested and refined over the last three years by the industry’s leading tribologists, Ludicrous AF has been pro-peloton-approved for taking chain optimisation to an entirely new level. Thanks to our epic state-of-the-art R&D facility, the Muc-Off boffins have created a true masterpiece – an ultra-low-friction, highly durable lube which allows you to go harder and faster for longer than ever before.

 Basically, it’s fast as f**k!


Muc-Off work with some of the best teams and riders on the planet to dial in their chains. Think INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO, Canyon//SRAM, BMC Pro-Triathlon, and Team GB.
Over the years, they've refined their processes to keep results sky-high, powering our teams to consistently take wins at 10 Grand Tours, gold medals at the last 3 Olympic Games – and three UCI Hour Records.




Data is king when it comes to drivetrain optimisation. This season, Muc-Off have been working with an elite triathlete of BMC Pro-Triathlon, producing a chain that took them to the top step of the podium. They swapped out the existing chain for a new, optimised one; their process delivered a 50% reduction in power loss, which produced a 2nd place finish at an IRONMAN event. 


The chain was returned to Muc-Off for further optimisation (the same initial steps, just repeated). This time the co-efficient of friction was reduced by a further 10%, helping deliver victory their next IRONMAN. They even squeezed a further 5% out of the chain following that event! The compound effect of the optimisation process means the chain simply keeps getting faster each time.




You may think that the pursuit of speed, comes at the expense of Mother Nature. Not at Muc-Off.

Muc-Off products are developed with sustainability built in, so their High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is readily biodegradable, Ludicrous AF is made of 75% plant-based materials, and Hydrodynamic lube is petroleum-free!

Muc-Off Ultrasonic Tanks allow for the safe disposal of any liquids, so you can experience the speed, whilst keeping it team green.

On top of this, ultrasonically deep cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain means expensive componentry will last longer, minimising waste and further reducing your environmental impact.


Ready to experience pro-level speed for yourself? We bet you are.

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