With all of the Specialized bike ranges pushing the limits of engineering and performance out in the cycling world, have you ever wondered what's driving Specialized in the right direction? The answer is their S-Works range; this is the absolute height of bike industry design and engineering abilities, goals and aspirations.

The S-Works program focuses on the concept of 'Rider-First Engineered™' and Functional Advanced Composite Technology (FACT) Carbon Fibre Frames . Every carbon layup is unique to each bike, and when you factor in the Rider-First Engineered™ approach to design, it can even be unique to that size frame.



 Specialized gain feedback from the best talent across the world and take this to their experts to help push the cycling sport to new realms of performance and capability.


The S-Works Program uses Specialized scientific and proven Retul Fit and Morgan Hill "Win Tunnel" sessions for analysis of great athletes. They use this information to adapt each model for a specific riding style, performance output and innovative features. For example, Specialized worked closely with Peter Sagan honing his TT position to develop new equipment, resulting in multiple championship wins

You can view the latest and greatest of our S-Works range here: